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Many celebrities endorse their music, writing, and/or Bright Light Ministry. Here is a partial list:

  • Tim Wildmon of the American Family Association
  • Rick Santorum
  • U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley
    Randy Travis
  • Joe Bonsall of the Oak Ridge Boys
  • Pam Thum
  • Carl Kerby
  • Ann Platz
  • Kathi Mills-Macias
  • Margaret McSweeney
  • and more!

Stacie Ruth and/or Carrie Beth have sung for President George W. Bush, Rick Santorum, Mike Huckabee, Sarah Palin, U.S. Senators, Laura Bush, and others. Stacie Ruth and Carrie Beth both have unique 1st soprano voices with an incredible 3 octave range. Audiences everywhere love them. As a national speaker/singer, Stacie and Carrie infuse joy-filled hope into her programs and interviews!



I encourage each of you to listen to Carrie and Stacie's new album, In God We Still Trust. As someone who has heard them sing live on multiple occasions, I can say their renditions of these patriotic songs will inspire and reaffirm in each of us what it means to be an active American.

I applaud their efforts to record an album that seeks to reinvigorate patriotism and faith in God in America. At a time when many of our nation's traditions are forgotten, this album reminds us about the greatness of our country and why we must steadfastly protect the traditions we hold dear.

Rick Santorum
(Presidential candidate and former U.S. Senator)

"These two women are an inspiration to Americans across our great country. Their patriotic renditions of these familiar songs will lift your hearts to give glory to God and country and will serve as a reminder of the daily sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform and their families."
- Chuck Grassley (U.S. Senator of Iowa)  

"I so enjoy, respect, and proudly endorse the creative efforts of Carrie Beth and Stacie Ruth . . .  I love these girls . . . I love their music and I love their hearts . . . This project will make us ALL better Americans and better Christians."
- Joe Bonsall (Oak Ridge Boys singer and author)

“…Stoelting's self-described 'naive' method apparently worked: her books consistently sell out at signings; the Alzheimer’s Association has invited her to speak at its conferences; and she's been named the honorary chairperson for [a Nebraska] Memory Walk to aid Alzheimer's research." - Publisher's Weekly's Religion Book Line (Feature)

“… as soon as I heard about her...and then saw a video of her energetic, passionate speech to a group about the dreaded disease Alzheimer's...I felt we were kindred spirits. That kinship goes deeper than writer to writer. It's more that she has a deep, deep love for Jesus and the grandparents whose lives influenced hers in such a powerful way."

“…had quite a few celebrities endorse the book. Again, impressive.” - (#1 Christian Website) “Stacie Ruth Stoelting is the daughter who we all pray to have. Raised in the heartland, she is just completing high school and is involved in enough activities to keep any three people busy: acting, Christian music, and sports. Oh, and writing, as well. It is through Stoelting's writing that we truly learn the depth of her character and, more importantly, the strength of her faith in God….

“Stoelting is an example to all of us --- young and old --- an antidote for the despair that seems to be all too pervasive in our current time. Still Holding Hands is a testament to the proposition that deep and unshakable faith will see one through the darkest of times. “Highly recommended.” -, by Joe Hartlaub