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About the Founders

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When Stacie Ruth was a little girl, her love for evangelism burst forward. Stacie Ruth shares, “I remember singing and giving sermons for my family in my parents’ living room!” Clearly, the Lord revealed Stacie Ruth’s passion for the gospel at a very early age.

Now, Stacie Ruth is a singer, speaker, author, and co-founder of Bright Light Ministry. At 15, Stacie Ruth wrote her first book, Still Holding Hands. She and her younger sister, Carrie Beth, make a great ministry team. Together they travel the country to sing/speak on Christian TV, radio, and at churches and conferences. But, a far less public area of their ministry is ministering to the sick and dying in hospitals and nursing homes.

In 2007, Stacie Ruth and Carrie Beth witnessed a fatal motorcycle accident. Right before the victim bled to death, the girls prayed with him. Stacie recounts, “It was a very shocking experience, yet Jesus has helped us emerge victoriously.” Since that time, Stacie Ruth and Carrie Beth have been ignited to tell others about Jesus – while there’s still time.

Stacie Ruth also has a prayer group called Praying Pals which prays each week for all submitted prayer requests.

Yes, Stacie's from a small town in Iowa. But she serves a big, awesome, holy, and always-good God!

Carrie Beth, according to Stacie Ruth, “ a Martha Stewart and Jerry Lewis in one: She knows how to get things done, yet still have fun!”  It’s true: Carrie and her beautiful 1st soprano voice, gift of comedy, quest for justice, and love for people add so much to Bright Light Ministry. As the founder of, she desires to improve movie content. With endorsements from famous people, she continues to work hard on this branch of Bright Light Ministry that battles immorality in movies.

At sixteen, Carrie began her fight to improve movies. Many letters, calls, and meetings were executed until the President signed the Family Entertainment and Copyright Act. She was an intern for Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, a Congressional Award Gold Medal recipient, Presidential Classroom alumnus, and a state delegate. But, most of all, she loves Jesus and shares that love with others! Carrie's recent ambitions include being a founder and editor for, a leading Christian political and social e-magazine. (Get a free subscription today!)

Attend an event and encounter Christ as He shines through Carrie and Stacie. They desire that you see Jesus - not Stacie and Carrie. They hope to see you at an event and learn that this goal was met. Come to an event anytime throughout the United States. They'd love to see you!